Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - King Of Wands Reversed

King Of Wands Reversed
Introduction: The King of Wands reversed can signify a man who has been through a lot in his life, and as a result, he typically is warm, kind, and understanding toward others. He himself is likely to have a great deal of energy, but as he has matured, he has begun to understand that not everyone can match his pace. When the card does not signify a literal person in your life, it refers to feeling energetic and also to a tendency toward being lenient with others. If this is in regard to your children, think carefully whether leniency is the best response to them.

General: In general the King of Wands reversed is a positive card. People around you are likely to be kind, tolerant, and understanding. You should have more than enough energy to get what you need to do accomplished. Again, a light haired, older man may play an important and helpful role in your life.

Work: In the context of work the reversed King of Wands generally indicates helpful men, but it can also signify that one man in particular may tend to be condescending and patronizing toward you. Depending on the situation you may need to accept a certain amount of this, however if this man creates too much difficulty or becomes fully inappropriate toward you there may need to be a confrontation or action taken about it. You do not have to accept a hostile or fully inappropriate work situation. However, neither should you allow yourself to be too thin-skinned.

Love: The King of Wands reversed is a good omen with regard to love, especially if you are interested in an older man who is energetic, kind, and warm. Regardless of who you are interested in or involved with, this card indicates though that your beloved may need some time to think through what he or she needs and what they want to happen in your relationship. It's important that you be patient and open while they figure it out. Take one step at a time.


Finances: When the reversed King of Wands appears, it 's usually a clear signal that you could use some financial advice from someone knowledgeable - even if you yourself are a financial professional! Don't be too proud to ask. You are likely to have enough excess money to do at least some small investments. Don't hide it in a mattress, make your money work for you. Carefully.

Health: The King of Wands reversed definitely points to strong physical health. You may benefit immensely from a session with a physical trainer or nutritional counselor now provided you are open to hearing what they have to say and acting upon it. If you have new-found health goals, be sure not to push yourself too hard and risk injury. Slow and steady is the way to go.

Spirituality: The King of Wands , whether reversed or upright, is a sign that you are already well on your way with regard to spiritual exploration. Know that you don't have to deny yourself the entire world in order to grow spiritually; we are put here on this abundant planet, with other people, for a reason. Plenty and Joy can be spiritual experiences just as surely as denial and austerity can be. And the first two are certainly much more fun! Relax a little, and you may find your spiritual growth happening faster.