Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - The Minor Arcana: Wands

Ace Of Wands
The suit of Wands is generally associated with the element of fire. Not surprisingly, astrologically, they are associated with the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. In some decks you will see literal depictions of fire in the art of the cards.

As a broad generalization, Wands relate to career and employment issues, whether for the querent or for those around them. Wands also relate to movement and possibility in our lives and are not always related to business or career.

In general, literal people who are signified by the suit of Wands will have hair color that ranges from medium blonde to white and may include redheads of any type. In terms of skin or eye color they will tend to be fair skinned and may blush or sunburn easily. Eye color for this suit is variable. However this coloration guide will only be accurate about 70% of the time. Of far more importance will be a person’s general orientation toward life; wands people will generally be energetic, organized, businesslike, logical, and compassionate.

Wands are also the energy of new beginnings of any kind. (Note, for example, in the Rider-Waite deck the new leaves in bud on the ace of Wands.) This is active, forward-looking energy. There is also an element of intuition to the wands suit; wand-type people often are very intuitive.

The season most often associated with Wands is the Spring. There is a strength inherent in the wands suit that is not necessarily present in the other suits. Think of the underlying strength of Spring. Nearly without exception, no matter what humans do on this planet, with their money (Coins, Pentacles) or with their wars (Swords) spring of some description will always take place. So Wands definitely include the concepts of strength, rebirth, and renewal.

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