CD Reviews - Native American Currents by Various

Title: Native American Currents

By: Various

Total Time: 72:04

Reviewed By: Talisman


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Native American Currents Review:

Native American Currents has various artists contributing: R. Carlos Nakai, Peter Kater, Joanne Shenandoah, Robert Mirabal and Joy Harjo. This CD has quite an incredible mixture of styles and rhythms. For those of you who don't always want the quieter side of Native American music (such as flute music etc.) then this is a CD that you will really be able to get to grips with.

There are 17 tracks on this CD:

  1. Earth - R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater 5:21
  2. Dakota Justice - Peter Kater 2:09
  3. Kahalu'nyuhe - Joanne Shenandoah 3:37
  4. Memoir Chaco - Robert Mirabal 4:24
  5. Creation Story - Joy Harjo 5:49
  6. Honorable Sky - R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater 4:40
  7. Path of Beauty - Joanne Shenandoah 5:37
  8. Rain Song - Robert Mirabal 3:30
  9. Caribou Dreams/Omaha Song - R. Carlos Nakai 4:20
  10. Initiation - R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater 4:04
  11. Circle of Friendship - Joanne Shenandoah 4:43
  12. White River Utes - R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater 2:34
  13. She Had Some Horses - Joy Harjo 5:07
  14. Flight Song - R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater 3:40
  15. Kanekotsy': Tha? - Joanne Shenandoah 3:40
  16. Lullaby - Robert Mirabal 4:22
  17. Miles Ahead - R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater 4:10

This is definitely not music to go to sleep by or for meditation. It's meant to be experienced. Chanting, poetry, different instrument combinations and throughout there is a feeling of intrigue.

There is still flute music there and traditional drum music for that matter, but this is a much more modern approach in some ways and you will find electric guitars and the piano featuring in places.

If you are thinking of getting into Native American music then this is a great CD to start your collection with. If you are already into it and don't have this album then get it. It's such an interesting combination of styles and artists and its total playing time of 72:04 makes it a real bargain.