Psychic Protection - Grounding

Grounding helps you to center and focus and helps to calm you. It harmonizes the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual within you bringing about a natural state of balance.

The following is a suggested method of grounding that we use. It can obviously be adapted if you so desire.

  • Find a time when you won't be disturbed in a quiet place.
  • Sit comfortably and place your hands on your thighs.
  • Focus your awareness on your feet and slowly move that awareness upward until you have covered your whole body. Relax each body part as you focus on it.
  • Now focus on your breathing. Imagine you are surrounded by white light and as you breathe in inhale this light. As you breathe out, exhale all tension or pain that you feel.
  • Contine to inhale the light and exhale the negative until you feel calm and relaxed.

You are now ready to go onto the next stage which is centering. Centering will help you to concentrate on what's important when you begin your personal, psychic, or spiritual work.

  • As you inhale say a word such as "om" or "peace" (or whatever word is meaningful to you).
  • As you exhale, repeat the word again.
  • Repeat this part of the exercise until you feel centered. Usually ten times is enough but it may take a few more than that to start with.

Now that you are grounded and centered it is time to still your mind. Although you will probably be feeling quite calm and ready for anything by now, it is important to make that mental switch between the everyday to a higher state of consciousness.

  • If your body is not completely still, then still it.
  • Now listen to your breathing. Don't try and change the rhythm you have already established. Do nothing except listen.
  • If thoughts intrude then just gently push them away. If you are new to this don't get upset at intruding thoughts. Just gently and calmly put them to one side.
  • Visualize a sky full of bright stars and then picture them going out one by one until there is nothing but you and darkness. Total stillness.

You are now ready to begin your work, or go about your day. Although we have talked about this being a three stage process, these three stages can be done individually if you wish. You will certainly benefit from any of them.

In addition to these exercises it may benefit you to take a look at our crystal section as many crystals and stones have grounding and protective properties.