Psychic Protection

Psychic protection is absolutely vital for anyone involved in psychic or spiritual work. It is not just a case of protecting yourself against psychic intrusion from another source (although this is obviously very important) but also a case of protecting yourself from being drained emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Anyone who has ever come across a psychic "vampire" will know exactly what we mean.

It is important to prepare for any psychic or spiritual work so that when you start you will be thoroughly grounded and centered. There are many methods that will allow you to do this. Meditation based preparation is one of the best. There are also other rituals (such as smudging) that may help. And there are many crystals which can be used to aid you.

Which method you choose is entirely up to you. It's a case of determining what works best for you as an individual. If the suggested meditation method we have doesn't quite work for you then adapt it until it does. Meditation can be used in conjunction with any other ritual or with any of many crystals.

Although we started by saying that grounding was vital for psychic and spiritual work it can, of course, be used by anyone. It is a great method of meditation and anyone will benefit from a grounding exercise, not just psychics etc.