Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 5 Of Swords Reversed

5 Of Swords Reversed
Introduction: When the 5 of Swords reversed appears, you may be having an urge to prove that you are right about something to someone - and this could be a serious waste of your time and energy. If you're right, you're right, and it doesn't matter if people believe you, generally speaking. Put your energy into more productive efforts.

General: In general, the reversed 5 of Swords can indicate power struggles and conflicts. As they say, pick your battles. Not everything is worth fighting for or about. Consider your priorities and the things that matter most to you. Be as pleasant to others as you can muster.

Work: In the context of work, the reversed 5 can show that you may be shooting your own self in the foot. Do not create conflict where none exists if you remotely want to keep your job, and do not escalate conflicts that are already there, unnecessarily. Accept situations as they are, unless something illegal or immoral is happening, and if it's the latter, consider making a report to the appropriate authorities. Some problems are too big to try to solve on your own.

Love: When the 5 of Swords reversed appears in the context of love, you may be sacrificing your happiness because of a need to show/feel that you are "right." People have sensibly asked "Do you want to be 'right' or do you want to be happy?" Sometimes you have to let go of your ego and simply accept things, whether you are looking for love or whether you are in in a long-term relationship.


Finances: There could be conflict because of money when the reversed 5 of Swords appears. Keep a cool head and look at the basis of the problem. Have you made a mistake? If so, admit it. Are you or people close to you putting too much influence on the importance of money? Work through problems, don't try to run away from them. One thing at a time.

Health: The reversed 5 of Swords shows that you may be under tremendous stress now. However, at least some of this is stress which you are causing for yourself. Back up and realize that you can control some of this. You don't have to (and can't) do everything. Make time for rest and relaxation, and realize that not everything must be perfect. You are human, after all. Forgive yourself.

Spirituality: You may have removed yourself from a spiritual tradition from your past, or, for instance, finally told your romantic partner that you no longer wish to attend services of your/their faith community. This may feel like a "win" and it is good that you stood up for your desires, however, your spiritual needs do not just stop or go away; how will you fill them? Don't pretend that your spiritual needs no longer exist. Look for like-minded people, who see spirituality in the way that you do.


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