Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 6 Of Wands

6 Of Wands
Introduction: The 6 of Wands is a very positive omen. It can indicate that despite the challenges you are facing, you will overcome them and come out on top. This card also points toward literal or metaphorical movement; things are changing, in a positive way.

General: In general, the 6 is about happiness and celebration. You are about to see some results for your hard work and efforts. Give yourself a break or treat yourself in some way. You have certainly earned it.

Work: If you're looking for a position, this card is a very positive portent. You will find something that is better than you dared hope. If you're currently in a position that you want to stay in - things are about to get even better at work for you than you would have hoped. Your efforts are valued. Just keep doing what you are doing.

Love: In a committed relationship, this card means that things are looking up. Suddenly, you are likely to find yourself feeling closer and happier with your partner than ever before. If you're unattached, take heart - the appearance of this card can mean you're about to enter a relationship with someone you've been dreaming about. This is a very positive omen.


Finances: Things will be going much better for you financially soon. Regardless of what is happening all around you, things are going to be on the upswing for you financially. Be prudent, however, in what you do with any increase. Particularly these days, it's important for everyone to be prepared for a rainy day. Still - expect increase.

Health: If you're worried about health, relax. Things are not as bad for you or the person that you're asking about as you fear. There is an underlying, spiritual strength that will sustain the health of the person you're asking about. Take heart.

Spirituality: In the context of spirituality, the 6 of Wands can indicate getting in touch with deep joy and love of living. You are already on the right track. Get in touch with the joy inside you, and then share it. The world needs the gifts that only you can offer.


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