Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 6 Of Wands Reversed

6 Of Wands Reversed
Introduction: The 6 of Wands reversed is a positive omen. It can mean that despite delays and challenges, that things you have been hoping for or working on may finally come through. This is not a time to let fear hold you back.

General: In general, the reversed 6 of Wands is about victory. However, you may need to be cautious about in whom you place your trust. There may be one person who on the surface looks like a supporter but who may actually be jealous or negative in some way. Trust your instincts about people and don't hesitate to stand up for yourself if necessary.

Work: You should be cautiously optimistic when the 6 of Wands appears reversed. If you are currently employed, although your work is appreciated and valued in general, there may be at least one person who for no good reason is dishonest or working against you. Open conflict is not going to help your case, this is more of a "kill them with kindness" situation. If looking for work, don't believe everything you hear. Still, your job hunt is likely to be more successful more quickly than you would expect when this card appears.

Love: When this card appears with regard to a committed relationship, you may find yourself feeling fear about the relationship. If so, examine it alone first. What are you afraid of? Are there specific things that your partner has said or done which has contributed to this fear? Everyone needs reassurance sometimes. If you are looking for love, you may be fearing that you will never find love. This does not have to be the case - unless you make it the case. If you find yourself feeling that way, look at your self esteem. Believe yourself worthy of being loved; because you are worthy.


Finances: This is a time to be detailed and methodical with regard to money when the 6 of Wands appears reversed. Pay attention to bank statements, income and outgoings, receipts, and any other financial transaction. You may find money you didn't know that you had. Think carefully.

Health: If you pull the reversed 6 of Wands with regard to a health question, know that there is a great deal that you can do yourself to support your good health. Are you eating extremely well? Are you drinking pure, clean water? Thinking positively? All that "boring, normal stuff," especially in the face of illness, can make a tremendous positive difference. You may get conflicting information about your health from professionals, never hesitate to ask for and/or get a second or even third opinion if necessary.

Spirituality: The reversed 6 of Wands can indicate that you are somehow expecting the universe to give you answers or guidance without any input or effort from you. Yes, it sometimes happens that way, but more often, we are expected to ask about specifics, and take action on our own, rather than waiting for everything to line up in perfect order. Be open to the insights you are given from others, at least enough to consider them fully even if you ultimately reject their interpretation.


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