Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 9 Of Wands Reversed

9 Of Wands Reversed
Introduction: The reversed 9 of Wands points to a need for gentleness - both with yourself and with other people. Know your strengths. Remember that kindness and weakness are not the same thing. Show kindness as often as you can now.

General: When the 9 of Wands reversed comes up, it is important not to "beat yourself up," if you find your mental, emotional, or physical strength waning. None of us can be perfectly strong all the time. Allow yourself to lean on someone or something positive, and know that your strength will return. Everything is a cycle.

Work: You may be feeling absolutely overwhelmed at work and be unsure about where to turn. If this is the case, talk it through with people in your personal life that you trust, and then consider what the appropriate action would be in your workplace. There is no need to be a bull in a china shop, but there is also usually little sense in doing multiple things halfway rather than a few things very well at work. If possible, ask for help. Take one hour at a time, if you need to.

Love: You may be 100% convinced that you are right and your partner is wrong about something when the reversed 9 of Wands appears in the context of love. That may indeed be the case, but you are not going to force your partner to see your point of view through anger and coercion. Try a gentle approach, and find out what underlies your partner's point of view or actions. If you are looking for love, again, a gentle, thoughtful approach can work wonders. Hot and fast pursuit is likely to get you burned now.


Finances: In terms of finances, the reversed 9 bears essentially the same meaning as the upright card. Driving yourself crazy with fear and worry will not help your financial situation. Don't beat yourself up for being where you are, just take one thing at a time, ask for help if you need it, and consider ways to cut expenses and/or increase your income. You can get through this, but freaking out will hurt instead of help. Nothing is likely to change overnight and this is not the time to gamble, either.

Health: Do the best you can to stay calm and patient. Anxiety can be a major problem now if you let it overwhelm you. Deep breathing, vigorous exercise (if you can tolerate it/if your doctor has okayed it) can be very helpful now. If you're waiting for answers on health questions, you may have to wait just a little longer. Don't hesitate to seek support and talk about what is concerning you. Release tension as best you can.

Spirituality: You may not be feeling very "spiritual" when the reversed 9 of Wands appears. You may feel that there are too many functional concerns in your life right now to give much attention to your spirit. That would be a mistake, as we are at all times a mixture of body, mind, and spirit, and the people who are the happiest and function the best typically are mindful of all three parts of that triad. Even if all you can muster now is a few moments in silent contemplation or a visit to a house of worship once every few weeks, that's a start. Start where you are. Some attention to your spirit is better than nothing at all, and it's more than okay to handle your spirituality in your own way, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.


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