Glossary - D

Words and terms beginning with the letter D.

  • Daydream: A period between wakefulness and sleep.
  • Days Of Power: Significant magical days.
  • Deosil: Clockwise. The opposite is Widdershins.
  • Divination: Method of inquiring into a situation through tools. Such as scrying, tarot, runes etc.
  • Dream: A period during sleep in which the sub-conscious mind is active.
  • Dream Dictionary: A glossary of dream symbolism.
  • Dream Journal: Sometimes referred to as a dream diary, it is a notebook used for recording dreams.
  • Dream Symbol: An item or concept within a dream that is significant to the dreamer.
  • Drum: Used to set a beat for dance and/or song so that the energy of the group becomes raised and the mindset focused.