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Divination is the act of trying to determine information regarding the past, present or future. Most people think of divination as predicting the future, which it can and does, but it is in fact far more about the present as this will enable you to make your own future. The future is not set in stone. We all have free will and hence it never can be set in stone.

As mentioned, it is much more about the present. "Knowledge is power" as the saying goes and having the knowledge in the present will allow you to make decisions that will benefit you in the future. Or to stop you making a bad decision now that will have repercussions in the future. It's very much about taking control of your life now and making the future you want.

That's not to say that divination cannot foretell the future. It can and does - very often with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

There are many, many different forms of divination and some of them literally go back thousands of years. Others are much more modern, perhaps only dating back a few hundred years. Whether divination is practiced through spiritual power alone, or whether spiritual tools are used is irrelevant. The idea is to obtain knowledge that you didn't have before. Put it this way... if you think of this "knowledge" as being a package that is going to be delivered to you, do you really care whether it is delivered by FedEx, UPS or the USPS? No. Of course not. The package itself is the key issue. Many psychics will actually use a combination of spiritual gifts and spiritual tools.

Probably the best known form of divination (certainly within the western world) is the Tarot. Tarot has been around for quite a long time now and is still practiced extensively. It's probaly got the greatest number of practioners now that it has ever had. Almost everyone has heard of it. But there are other forms of divination which you may not be so familiar with. Take the I ching for example. It's as well known in the far eastern world as Tarot is in the western.

Runes too are pretty well known in the west. In particular the Futhark runes which are of Viking origin. Reading the runes (of whatever sort) is still practiced today. Here at psychic Revelation we offer Futhark rune readings. You'd be surprised how popular a choice that particular method of divination is.

There are also many other methods of divination that although very popular at the time have fallen into disuse over the centuries. Some to be honest make you wonder how much information could be obtained as the methodology was exceedingly crude. Others are still very valid even in this day and age of modern technology. It is certainly worth trying some of the older methods if you are interested in divination - they might work exceedingly well for you.